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Walkfit Platinum Walkfit Platinum
Walkfit Platinum Walkfit Platinum
Item Name: Walkfit Platinum  - Amazing Shoe Inserts by Phase 4 Orthotics

Item No.: ASOTV-P038

If you suffer from foot or back pain, WalkFit Platinum Shoe Inserts by Phase 4 Orthotics can help you walk and live more comfortably. Provides improved arch support.

Walk Fit Platinum Orthotic Insoles Features:
  • Protects against shock
  • Strengthens heels and ankles
  • Provides improved arch support
  • Works with most types of shoes
  • Allows your body to maintain balance
  • Evenly distributes weight on your feet
  • Reduces pain in feet, knees, hips and back
Available in men's and women's unisex sizes, these orthotic inserts are easy to customize and may be used in any pair of shoes for temporary relief of foot, knee, leg, hip and back pain. A clinical study showed that use of WalkFit Platinum helped reduce pain, alleviates pressure by evenly distributing the impact of each step, improves comfort while standing, walking or running.

WalkFit Platinum Orthotic Insoles not only strengthen the heel and ankle, but also help lessen pain in feet, knees, hips and back. Perfect for running, walking or just standing, WalkFit Platinum Orthotic Insoles provide an increase in comfort and foot support, while conveniently fitting into most shoes.

WalkFit Orthotic arch inserts are easy to install into insoles! Simply bend back the top of the insole and lift out the insert. Place new insert into position and press down to secure into place and slip them into your shoes for everyday comfort.
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